Cape Town Voted Best City Seventh Time In A Row

Cape Town has been voted the best city in the world by Telegraph readers, for the seventh year in a row. Vancouver, Canada came in second, while Kyoto, Japan came in third.

Telegraph readers

Over 39000 readers voted as part of the Telegraph Travel Awards survey and decided that, despite recent water troubles, Cape Town still reigns as the best city for visitors from across the world, as reported by Getaway Magazine. 

“We’ll put up with the occasional discomfort for the sheer joy of waking up with a real, natural beauty,” said the Telegraph.

Here’s why Cape Town gets voted the best city in the world 

When providing reasons as to why they think Cape Town is the best city in the world, the Telegraph noted must-see things that we as South African’s have already established as astounding.

The spots that make a Cape Town holiday what it is included visiting Boulder’s penguins, taking a day out to the Winelands, seeing the developments at the V&A Waterfront, adventuring at the iconic Cape Point, meandering through Kirstenbosch gardens, seeing the colourful houses and hearing the call to prayer in the Bo-Kaap and of course, travelling up Table Mountain.

“The original Khoi inhabitants named the iconic flat-topped massif ‘Hoerikwaggo,’ Mountain of the Sea, and it is precisely this unique geography, towering mountains that drop, at times perpendicularly, into the vast blue, that is so seductive,” said the Telegraph.

Telegraph readers’ top 20 cities in the world

Cape Town, Vancouver, Kyoto, Sydney, St Petersburg, Singapore, Venice, Luang Prabang, Seville, New Orleans, Havana, New York, Bagen, Florence, Istanbul, Rome, Dubrovnik, Tokyo, Krakow, Buenos Aires.

As reported by in March 2019, Cape Town came in at 12th in Time Out’s “Best Cities in the World to Visit” poll. 

The publication surveyed a whopping 34 000 people in their study, made-up of other city-dwellers and Time Out contributors. They were asked about the food, drink, culture, nightlife, community, neighbourhoods, overall happiness in Cape Town and other factors, such as their city’s beauty, affordability and convenience. 

– TheSouthAfrican, by Andrea Chopriah, 2019-11-23, see original article here.

– Posted 2019-11-25